New production hall plant 3C

21. Jul 2020

Medebach-based mechanical engineering firm is pointing the way and taking on the challenges of the future in economically tough times

Medebach. Paul Köster GmbH has invested in the construction of a new production hall. Following an investment of around one million euros, the hall is now getting up and running at the company's headquarters in Medebach. The move by the globally active mechanical engineering company sends out a clear signal in these economically challenging times. "We have always acted counter-cyclically in the past – and been very successful at it. With this investment we are once again meeting the demands of the future," says managing director Friedrich Köster.
The investment is aimed at optimizing the production sequence in Plant 1 by relocating the "cutting and welding" areas to the new plant, 3C. As such, logistics will be centrally organized and the process flows streamlined. "What's more, the workplaces in the metalworking shop will be equipped with a modern extraction system. This measure will keep the noise generated by the metalworking shop away from the highly sensitive assembly area in Plant 1," Friedrich Köster continues.

"Creating optimum conditions with the investment"

Eight new welding workstations will be installed in the new hall, each equipped with a special air extraction system. Sheet metal storage with plate shears and edge benches will also be relocated to this new area. A new master craftsman's office and new communal, washing and sanitary rooms have also been constructed for the employees of the neighboring hall, Plant 3B. A new roof in the outdoor area allows incoming and outgoing deliveries always to be carried out in dry conditions, whatever the weather. Welded parts will be manufactured and used for the basic frames, assemblies or individual machine parts as well as for the conveyor technology, etc. in production. “This investment also creates the necessary and optimum conditions, keeping an eye on the cost situation as well, to carry out such processes and to position ourselves to face the future," concludes Friedrich Köster.

Paul Köster attaches great importance to state-of-the-art workplaces

The money invested also bolsters the claim of Paul Köster GmbH to provide modern workplaces for its staff. "For us it is important to offer the best working conditions in every area, to allow our skilled workers to develop their full potential when working on our complex machines. This now also includes the new communal, washing and sanitary rooms,” says personnel manager Hildegard Köster. The investment in the new production hall is therefore a genuine win at numerous levels, both for the Medebach-based company and for its employees.

Team "Cutting and Welding", f.l.: Sven Kämmerzähl, Daniel Wagner, Stefan Gewähr, Andreas Kappen, David Martini, Tobias Müllenhoff, Maximilian Kappen
New production hall 3C