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at Paul Köster GmbH

Everyone contributes to our company.

As a family business, we are committed to our workforce. Good working conditions, part-time work, accessible workplaces, integration programs, versatile education and training opportunities - these go without saying as far as we are concerned.

Our company is supported by over 300 employees who are ambitious, ready to help and show initiative. These people come from different generations and bring together many years of experience and fresh ideas. Motivation, passion and teamwork drive us to become better in all areas, to go new ways and to shape the future of Paul Köster GmbH together.

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For professionals

Whether it is for services, assembly, design or electrical engineering, we are looking for motivated and well-trained professionals.

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For (prospective) students

We offer a variety of opportunities, from combined vocational training and degree courses to internships and entry-level positions. Welcome!

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For School students

We are always looking for curious people, whether for internships or apprenticeships!

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