Inspire trainees with humor on TikTok

13. Dez 2023

New campaign to attract young talents

Medebach. Inspiring young individuals for careers in craftsmanship has become a current challenge for many companies. The Paul Köster GmbH in Medebach is also on the lookout for apprentices in various fields each year. They offer training in both technical and commercial occupations. Recently recognized as the Training Company of the Year, this special machinery manufacturing company has consistently impressed with its high-quality training, producing chamber and/or national competition winners regularly.

But how can young people be captivated by this career path and the realm of special mechanical engineering?
"I am convinced that the challenge doesn't lie in the available training opportunities, but rather in the overwhelming surplus of advertising and information bombarding youths every day. Media is reflexively consumed passively, and only a few of the contents truly stick in their memory," explains Ann-Kathrin Huneck, Marketing Manager at Paul Köster GmbH, describing the current situation. "We aim to authentically reach out to young individuals where they spend their leisure time: on TikTok." Humorous videos with entertaining effects are particularly popular there. "Perhaps this approach will help us stay in mind."

The company now hopes that this unconventional campaign will enhance its visibility among the younger generations in the region, generating applications for apprenticeships or internships.