Virtual tour through our company

Comfortable and safe

Exceptional times require exceptional technology, which we have used to be able to offer all customers and interested persons an authentic insight into our company further on.

As a basic part of the inquiry process, the company tour in Medebach is usually the most popular service for our (prospective) customers. But unfortunately this is currently not imagineable due to the global corona pandemic. Our sales team therefore offers individual, virtual tours through the company. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can display a total of 21 important company areas in realistic 360 ° images and, together with the customer, view the entire process of a project. Interactive elements combined with the freedom of movement within the application make this tour an entertaining and safe alternative.

Are you curious? Feel free to contact us at any time, our sales colleagues will be happy to guide you virtually through our company while you can sit back and relax in your (home-)office.

Christof Nölke
Virtual tour through our company Paul Köster GmbH in Medebach