Virtual tour available online

Authentic look behind the scenes at Paul Köster GmbH

Among our customers, the company tour is very popular as an integral part of the inquiry process. However, as we have international customers, the trip to Medebach is not always possible without major effort. That's why we created a virtual company tour in spring 2020, which is intended to provide an authentic insight into our daily work – digitally and available worldwide.

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, we can present a total of 21 important company areas in realistic 360° images and show the entire project phases of an order. Interactive elements combined with complete freedom of movement within the application make this company tour an entertaining alternative.

Here's how:
The virtual company tour starts automatically by clicking on the icon. Then you can use your mouse to move freely and look around. Bottom left you will find an overview of all relevant company areas, but you can also use different buttons which guide you through the company. With the aid of the arrow symbol at the top right of the screen you can return to the previous area at any time. To exit, simply close the browser window. Our tip: Turn on the sound!

Enjoy the tour! If you have any questions, our sales colleagues will be happy to help you, just give us a call.

Christof Nölke
Starting screen of the virtual tour

Click here to start the virtual tour