Moments for the company history

03. Nov 2023

Paul Köster GmbH is Training Company of the Year 2023 & former apprentice becomes regional champion

Medebach. First the award for "Training Company of the Year 2023", followed a week later by the victory in the North Rhine-Westphalia state competition for former apprentice and precision mechanic Luca Bastian Meier as part of the German Skilled Crafts Championships! There are moments that are not only remembered, they go down in the company's history. The annual "Apprenticeship Award of the Year" presented by the South Westphalia Chamber of Crafts at the end of October and the award for Luca Bastian Meier were such moments for Paul Köster GmbH.
The special mechanical engineering company from Medebach received the "Special Jury Prize" for its outstanding training concepts and can now call itself "Training Company of the Year 2023"! An extraordinary honor, after all, the medium-sized company convinced the jury in all three categories "Social Commitment", "Achievements & Successes" and "Honorary Award for consistently good training" in its first application ever. Just a few days later, Luca Bastian Meier underlined the quality of training at Paul Köster GmbH by winning the regional German Crafts Championships. As the regional winner, the precision mechanic has now qualified for the national competition.

Special machine manufacturer impresses jury in all categories
"We are very proud of these awards. They are both recognition and confirmation of our good training, with which we have repeatedly produced outstanding young talent over the years, such as Luca Bastian Meier now and several German champions in the past. The award shows that our personal and individual support for trainees, our flexibility during training and our innovative recruiting campaigns are successful and bearing fruit," says Managing Director Christopher Köster. This assessment was also underlined by the jury, for whom Paul Köster, as a family business with around 300 employees, is a prime example of the successful interplay between outstanding training, social responsibility and social commitment. The Medebach-based company impressed in all categories among the 60 entries from craft businesses.