Very good numbers in times of the coronavirus pandemic

06. Aug 2021

Twelve young talents start their apprenticeship as well as combined vocational and training degree at Paul Köster GmbH

Medebach, Germany. The first Monday in August is a special day for many young adults and teenagers. It is the day their apprenticeship begins. Paul Köster GmbH in Medebach also welcomes fresh young talents at the beginning of August. One woman and nine men successfully completed the application process. They are now starting their first year of training at the globally operating special mechanical engineering company. The team also includes two students who are starting their combined vocational training and degree. “This means we are filling almost 100 percent of our apprenticeship positions in times where a shortage of skilled workers and a pandemic do not make it any easier to talk to potential trainees and get them interested in an apprenticeship due to the lack of apprenticeship fairs, for example,” says Alina Schmidt from HR who is responsible, among other things, for training at Paul Köster GmbH.

The company website, social media and, above all, the quality of internships are currently decisive when it comes to the successful acquisition of potential career entrants

This makes digital solutions all the more important in times of the coronavirus pandemic. Such solutions include not only the informative company website with the option of taking a virtual company tour, and the increasing participation in social networks, but also unusual offers such as the Escape Game, which is unique throughout the region and beyond. In addition there are measures like the “Trainees for Trainees” project, cooperative projects with the German Federal Employment Agency and versatile advertising campaigns. Other factors are internships and the good future prospects and advanced trainings at the company.

Isabell Kießler, Jonas Deckelburg and Jannik Herrmann can only confirm these favorable conditions on behalf of their new colleagues. They, too, did intensive research online before applying, completed an internship at Paul Köster GmbH, and were subsequently sure they wanted to start a new phase of their professional lives in Medebach. “I found out about the company website after coming across a job ad in the Sauerlandkurier newspaper and did my own research on the internet before applying. After that, I did another eight-week internship,” says Jonas Deckelburg, who is now starting his combined vocational training and degree in electrical engineering. The 19-year-old from Brilon has always been fascinated by technology. After graduating as an electrical engineering assistant from the Olsberg vocational school, he is now taking the next step up the career ladder. “The combination of mechanical and electrical engineering really appeals to me. Paul Köster GmbH is also a globally active company and I see good opportunities for the future.”

Paul Köster GmbH is often recommended as a good employer

Jannik Herrmann from Grönebach is three years younger and no less motivated. The two-week school internship at the Medebach-based mechanical engineering company was the door-opener in terms of career choice for the aspiring precision machinist (specializing in mechanical engineering). “After graduating from secondary school, I was sure that I wanted to start an apprenticeship. Many friends and acquaintances as well as the career counselor recommended applying to Paul Köster GmbH. The internship covered a diversity of topics and ultimately contributed to my success when I later applied for an apprenticeship position,” says the 16-year-old.

Isabell Kießler took a completely different approach. The 22-year-old had already completed an apprenticeship as a bakery salesperson and worked in her profession. “But then I realized that I didn’t want to do this job for my whole life.” She then went through a reorientation phase. “I wanted to do something I truly enjoyed. Since my mother and my sister both work in office administration and I have always enjoyed dealing with numbers, I researched this area on the internet, went to the employment agency and talked to many people who advised me to apply to Paul Köster GmbH,” says the young woman from Züschen. Taking the internship in advance was an important factor for her too. “These two weeks exceeded all my expectations because I was allowed to do an incredible amount of things on my own,” says the 22-year-old, who is looking forward to the three-year office management apprenticeship in Medebach that is about to begin.

Besides Jonas Deckelburg, Isabell Kießler and Jannik Herrmann, the following nine additional trainees and combined vocational training and degree students started work last Monday: Fabian Ernst and Janis Lichte (both precision machinists specializing in mechanical engineering), Cedric Scheuermann (industrial engineering electrical technician), David Schmidtke (metalworker specializing in construction technology), Jonathan Martin and Julius Pinkvoß (both cutting machine operators), Daniel Hoceini (systems integration IT specialist), Marius-Kim Küsters (technical product designer) and Joshua Lauschke (combined vocational training and degree in mechanical engineering).

Quartet successfully completes apprenticeship and combined work and studies program

Helen Müller (office manager), Manuel Rabe (office manager) and Juana Grebe (technical product designer) successfully completed their apprenticeship in June. Viktor Wiens also successfully completed his combined vocational training and mechanical engineering degree in July.

>Paul Köster GmbH is a traditional, Medebach-based, family-owned business in the Sauerland region with a company history going back more than 100 years
>Annual sales in 2020 were around 43 million euros, with project volumes ranging from 1,000 to 5 million euros
>Production areas: In Germany about 16,000 square meters, and in China about 2,000 square meters
>The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, VDA 6.4:2017 as well as DIN EN 1090 and DIN ISO 3834
>The company’s expertise and passion is special mechanical engineering
>Core competencies are leak testing, assembly technology and automation
>Paul Köster GmbH has more than 300 employees
>The company offers excellent career opportunities for professionals, as well as internships and apprenticeships for school graduates and students in the process of choosing a career
>Combined vocational training and degree courses in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering are also offered in cooperation with the Meschede University of Applied Sciences and the Mittelhessen Technical University in Frankenberg
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