Craft, software and high-tech - the perfect combination

Paul Köster GmbH is training electronics technicians for automation technology

Medebach. Boredom? Luis Volkmann does not experience this in his daily work! On the contrary, the 18-year-old works on complex machines and challenging projects every day. As an apprentice at Paul Köster GmbH, he is actively involved in teamwork in the production of special machines that are delivered from Medebach all over the world. He will have completed his apprenticeship in just under two years. And this in one of the most modern professions in mechanical engineering by far: Luis Volkmann has been training as an electronics technician for automation technology at Paul Köster GmbH since August 2022. It is a completely new training course, which takes into account the rapid development in the field of automation in industry, combines craftsmanship and programming and offers excellent prospects for the future.
Luis Volkmann is the first apprentice to be trained in this new occupation by the local company. More junior staff are to follow soon, as the special machine manufacturer will be making additional apprenticeships available from August 01, 2023, and in the year 2024. "We welcome applications on short notice for the start of the 2023 training in August. In addition, applications are already welcome for the year 2024," says Alina Köster, training manager at Paul Köster GmbH.
For the Paul Köster company as a globally active special machine manufacturer, the rapid development in automation is of decisive importance and it is impossible to imagine today's industry without it: From robots to conveyor technology to intelligent camera systems, it is the connecting element within the machines of companies of all sizes. No other area is currently growing as strongly and is the technology driver of an entire industry for a reason. This is a challenge that Paul Köster GmbH is actively facing, both in the development and production of special machines tailored precisely to customer needs and in the training of future specialists. After all, the company builds complex plants with a high degree of automation for renowned customers such as AUDI, Volkswagen and Continental, among others.

The future of mechanical engineering clearly lies in automation
Along with this, software interfaces are becoming increasingly important to ensure that the systems work perfectly and that all machine processes are optimally coordinated. In this context, the new training of electronics technicians for automation technology at Paul Köster is a logical step. In addition to the classic installation of electrical systems, the third year of the apprenticeship focuses in particular on configuring and programming automation systems. "We want to be well positioned. With a view to the contents of the new training, you can undoubtedly say that as an electronics technician for automation technology, you are opting for one of the most modern training occupations currently available," emphasizes Alina Köster.

Electronics technician for automation technology
Electronics technician for automation technology
Luis Volkmann is completing his training as an electronics technician for automation technology at Paul Köster GmbH. A brand new, cutting-edge profession with excellent prospects for the future.

It was precisely this attractive combination of the manual work of an electronics technician and software programming, coupled with work in an exciting high-tech sector, that was decisive for Luis Volkmann in choosing his career: "The training content reflects my interests. When I chose my apprenticeship, it was very important for me that I could learn manual skills on state-of-the-art machines here, but that I would also be intensively involved in software development. When you consider how quickly technology is developing everywhere and good skilled workers in mechanical engineering are increasingly in demand, my job offers good career opportunities after training at Paul Köster."
A lot of variety in the daily training routine is guaranteed in any case during the 3.5 years of apprenticeship. After all, the trainees at the Medebach-based company work on real customer projects from the very beginning, gaining deep insights into various departments.
For more information about the new apprenticeship and career opportunities at Paul Köster GmbH, please contact Alina Köster by email at lnkstrpl-kstrd or by phone at +49 2982 9211-513.