"Christmas in the electrical cabinet" for Medebach's kindergartens

04. Dez 2020

Paul Köster builds a truly special Advent calendar

Medebach. 24 little flaps, 24 little surprises, 24 moments of eager anticipation – Advent calendars are an essential part of the pre-Christmas season. While the variety of calendars is virtually infinite, now and again somebody comes up with a genuinely extraordinary calendar “model”! This year, Paul Köster, Managing Director of Paul Köster GmbH, based in Medebach, Germany, built just such a specimen out of old electrical cabinets (which originally were to be sold on the Internet), a discarded frame, and a workbench top. This prototype of the stately Köster Advent calendar with the fitting title “Christmas in an electrical cabinet”, 1.60 meters wide and almost two meters high, now adorns the new premises of the Hohoff kindergarten in Medebach. And of course it is filled with plenty of sweets, masks for the teachers, and a small gift for the 24th of December.

“After giving some thought to whom we could please the most with this Advent calendar, the decision to give it to the two Medebach kindergartens was not difficult. We hope it will be a daily delight for all the girls and boys as well as the teachers,” says Paul Köster. Although the calendar actually stands in the Hohoff kindergarten, the children of the Maris Stella kindergarten can also look forward to the Advent initiative. They will open their calendar flaps after going for a winter walk. Each of the nine kindergarten groups can open two flaps. The remaining six flaps will then be opened together with other groups. The numbers and the group names for each individual flap were specially written on the back of the Advent calendar. Children can also get creative and make their very own numbers for their flaps. An unprecedented and highly creative initiative that could very well make it onto public television channels in the coming days.

Paul Köster himself fills the Advent calendar with sweet surprises
The finishing touch: A colourful christmas sign is fitted
The children were creative and handicrafted the numbers