Paul Köster GmbH takes on an entire class of trainees

18. Feb 2019

Six trainees start their professional careers – one as best in the class

It’s finally time: For three and a half years, Kai Hegel (precision mechanic), Daniel Neufeld (precision mechanic), Julian Piatek (electrician for industrial engineering), Philipp Piatek (precision mechanic), Oliver Wasinger (cutting machine operator) and Viktor Wiens (precision mechanic), have worked towards this special moment. All six successfully completed their exams at the end of January and are now starting their professional careers. Viktor Wiens was even honored as best in the class with the overall grade “very good” by the Kreishandwerkerschaft (District Association of Craftsmen).
On February 1, 2019, they officially bid farewell to their training motto “Trainee today – your expert tomorrow” and are now working professionals. “It’s a matter of course for us to be able to offer all our trainees a guaranteed position upon successful completion of their training and we very much look forward to working together with our former trainees,” says Hildegard Köster, Human Resources Manager at Paul Köster GmbH.
With training for eight different occupations, the mechanical engineering company from Medebach, with its 300 employees, offers a wide range of opportunities for young people from the region.
But what really makes training at Paul Köster GmbH so special? “We’ve always attached great importance to practice-oriented training: From day one, our trainees work directly in the company and move through various specialist departments depending on the occupation they are being trained in. This allows them to learn the ins and outs of handling projects and dealing with customers early on, and ensures they can directly enter the working world without any difficulties,” Hildegard Köster continues.
The young, newly trained specialists at Paul Köster GmbH can now expect to take on lots of exciting projects, which they are eager to tackle with the support of their colleagues in the coming weeks.

Image caption:
left to right Oliver Wasinger, Daniel Neufeld, Hildegard Köster, Philipp Piatek and best in the class Viktor Wiens. Not pictured: Kai Hegel and Julian Piatek, who are currently putting their expertise directly into practice at customer companies.

Former trainees of Paul Köster GmbH were taken on