Excellent training company 2018

12. Jul 2018

Paul Köster GmbH is voted an excellent training company by trainees

This year once again saw Paul Köster GmbH evaluated by its trainees within the scope of the largest and most established independent certification for in-company training in Germany and again received the “Excellent Training Company” seal of approval.

The two-step certification process is carried out annually. In the first step, the training or personnel managers must answer a questionnaire, and in the second step the trainees themselves are anonymously surveyed as to their situation in the company. This provides an objective assessment of the quality of training at the company and provides potential trainees with a framework for their choice of training companies.

The seal of approval stands for a high level of commitment to in-company training, high trainee satisfaction and a positive assessment of the training situation by the trainees.

Seal of approval: excellent training company 2018