Company Paul Köster relies on online applications

13. Sep 2019

Simple, efficient, goal-oriented, successful

Medebach. Oftentimes, it’s big hurdle on the way to a dream job or desired apprenticeship: The application. Whether it’s the cover letter, the application photo, copies of certificates and more, the application portfolio has to be perfect. Or at least that’s how it was in the past. At Paul Köster GmbH in Medebach, this hurdle has long since disappeared. This is all thanks to the online application portal on the company website at It consists of a simple and precise design for the target groups, thus making the application process simple and efficient for both the applicant and for the potential employer. At Paul Köster, the application deadline for the 2020 apprenticeship commencement is September 30.

Online, complying with this deadline is no longer a problem. The HR Management of the Medebach-based mechanical engineering company is looking forward to receiving further applications by the end of the month. Particularly with respect to the attractive technical positions that Köster offers, the amount of women filling these roles is to sustainably increase. Future school graduates have just 14 days left to prepare their application so that they can potentially embark on their first career step with Paul Köster. “Applicants can apply both online and in the traditional fashion. This makes no difference to us in our decision-making process,” says Human Resources Manager Hildegard Köster. However, the online approach has been strongly accepted and used – and it offers many advantages for both sides. Since the relaunch of the company website in December 2018, both the application process and the career section have been optimized. Formulating a cover letter for several hours; making annoying hairdresser appointments for the application photo; reading application guides – all these tasks are a thing of the past.

Answer specific questions online

At Köster, applicants simply upload the relevant documents online, attach a CV and then answer specific questions. “These questions vary, of course. After all, we are interested in different backstories when someone is applying for a specialist position versus, say, high school or post-secondary students who are interested in an apprenticeship or dual course of study,” emphasizes Hildegard Köster. How did the applicant become aware of the company? Why is the Paul Köster company the employer of choice? In selecting a career, what are the main reasons for doing so? Is there already some experience in this field to fall back on? What do future apprentices in particular consider to be their strengths and weaknesses? These and other questions must be answered honestly. “We are interested in the person behind the application, and this is why concrete answers to the questions are more relevant to us than nicely formulated cover letters. For specialist positions, for example, questions related to professional qualifications are much more important than determining one’s ability to handle Word perfectly. Experience shows that the concrete questions are usually answered openly and honestly and thus provide a good basis for a potential job interview.

But that’s not all. In the online career section at, great importance is also attached to authentically presenting the company and career opportunities to applicants. “We clearly show our potential new colleagues the advantages of a career in our family-run company, give tips for job interviews, and are available to be contacted to clarify one or two questions in advance,” says the HR Manager. The aim is to open doors for the applicants – not to put obstacles in their way.

Not necessary any more: Job application portfolio