Another award: Grand Prix of SMEs

21. Dez 2016

Another award for Paul Köster GmbH as they are recognized as a Premier Finalist at the Grand Prix of SMEs

After picking up the Grand Prix of SMEs in 2014, Paul Köster GmbH was recognized with the PREMIER finalist award in Berlin in October. Paul and Friedrich Köster traveled to Berlin for the award ceremony.

The 22nd edition of Oskar Patzelt Foundation’s Grand Prix of SMEs saw a total of 4,796 German SMEs of all sizes, from all sectors, and every form of ownership nominated in 2016. However, only few of these nominees receive the award as PREMIER finalists. The PREMIER finalist distinction is only awarded to those companies who have already won the Grand Prix of SMEs, whose distinction dates back at least two years, and who have developed significantly since that time. Nationwide, only a handful of companies receive this award.

The foundation assesses the companies as a whole as well as their complex roles within society. Paul Köster GmbH had to prove itself in a total of five categories:

1. Overall development of the company

2. Creation/securing of jobs and trainee positions

3. Innovation and modernization

4. Commitment to the region (public interest, corporate citizenship)

5. Service and customer focus, marketing

Grand Prix of SMEs